G.A.A. Inc. Warranty

Great American Military Rings by G.A.A. Inc.

Exclusive Limited Warranty

We have taken every effort to assure that only the finest craftsmanship and quality went into your ring. It underwentscores of precise, individual inspections throughout the entire finishing process.Great American Military Rings by G.A.A. Inc. therefore guarantees your ring to be free from defects in workmanship ormaterials, any such defects discovered upon delivery will be repaired or replace with identical specifications. If your ring needs to be re-sized, we will re-size it ONCE, any additional re-sizing there will be minimal charge. Any replace-ment of stone or refinishing after the first year will have a minimal charge. Sales Tax and shipping & handling charges will be added where applicable. Precious and semi-precious stones such as Diamonds, are not covered under this warranty.Sterling Silver will tarnish, clean as you would with any fine jewelry. This warranty does not cover your ring due to owner misuse, negligence, or normal wear and tear.For your convenience, our studios finishing rooms stand ready to promptly restore your ring in the event normal or evenextreme wear results in damages of any kind, at minimal charge. In the event your ring is damaged beyond repair, a new ring will be manufactured at a minimal charge.Sometimes repair work requested requires a ring to be remade to replace the original ring. This will be done atGreat American Military Rings by G.A.A. Inc.’s discretion, and you will be notified in advance only if charges are involved.If your ring is of sentimental value, an explicit note directing that the ring not be remade must be included with the returnof the ring.If your ring needs to be sent for repairs, please send to the below address. Always include adequate identification forexample, your name or account name, order number if available, etc. On the back page. Also include instructions as tothe type of repair needed. (NOTE: Great American Military Rings by G.A.A. Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen packagesconfirmed to be delivered. Upon inquiry, G.A.A. Inc. will confirm delivery to the provided address, date of delivery, trackinginformation and shipping carrier information for the customer to investigate. No refunds, replacements or credits will beissued for orders confirmed to have been shipped/delivered to the address provided in the order. G.A.A. Inc. is not responsiblefor repairs if repair work has been done outside our factory. Repair work done outside our factory voids this warranty).